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Bryant Cross

Bryant Cross was born in Shape, Belgium and later raised on the Southside of Chicago. He earned his M.A. in Performance Studies at Southern Illinois University. Afterwards he moved to Tampa, FL to teach at Everest University & St. Petersburg College. While doing so, he became a member of the Sacred Sounds Poetry Slam Team and placed in the top half regionally at the 21st Annual Southern Fried Poetry Slam.

Bryant Cross then moved back to Chicago and founded the 500Campaign to raise awareness about the gun violence of the city. The campaign was featured on BET, Huffington Post, NBC news, abc news, and Chicago’s top radio stations. It was then that Bryant Cross began slamming again in Chicago. He became Chicago’s Poetry Slam Champion and brought the city to group finals at the National Poetry Slam in Oakland.

He’s a member of the Lethal Poetry Slam Team, the Chicago Slam Works House Ensemble, The Chicago Artists Against Gun Violence Coalition, and the Writes of Passage Collective. Bryant Cross is author the book “Out of the Asphalt Jungle Smelling like Mild Sauce” and is currently enrolled at Northwestern University.

Today Mr. Cross puts things in perspective for us by performing “Voice’s” form his book “Out of the Asphalt Jungle, Smelling Like Mild Sauce” which can be found on his site




October 14, 2014

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